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What Makes Electronic Signatures Secure for Business Usage?!

A digital signature on an invoice is a legally acceptable and time-efficient method for obtaining approvals on electronic documents. They render physical signature almost completely redundant. Digital signatures provide a level of privacy and may be independently validated. The percentage of people using electronic signatures is growing at an increasing pace throughout the globe, including in India.

It is not difficult to alter papers or forge signatures on paper documents. How can one be sure that the paper has been legitimately signed by the person who was supposed to sign it?

On the other hand, the signer's identity can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt when using an electronic signature since this kind of signature uses multi-factor authentication. Email ID, cellphone number, access ID, and login credentials are the common identifying characteristics utilised (such as Active Directory). The audit trail that enables traceability is kept up to date by the digital signature system. In addition, the digitally signed invoice is certified using a PKI digital signature certificate, which seals it and makes it impossible to alter in any way.

Electronic signatures may also take the form of signatures that are created via the use of digital signature certificates. After the Certifying Authority has confirmed the applicant's identification, the signature certificates may be provided to the applicant. This guarantees that the signatures can be checked for authenticity. The vast majority of signature certificates are also generated in a FIPS 140-2 secure hardware device, such as a USB token or HSM. In addition, each certificate has its unique password protection, which results in multi-level authentication.

In the context of a business, the Digital signing solutions TRUESigner is developed in such a manner that it constructs a robust security framework, guaranteeing that the only authentic access to the signatures comes from authorized personnel and only from IP addresses that have been white listed. Therefore, electronic signatures enable last mile digitization in a safe, secure, and scalable way.