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8 Ways of Making Your Small Business Paperless

Paper documentation has been an essential aspect of corporate operations for decades. However, things are changing. More and more companies are contemplating going paperless to save money, and protect the environment. Here are eight ways of making your small business paperless. But before we dive into the details, let's understand some of the benefits of becoming paperless in the workplace through digital signing solutions.

1. You save natural resources by cutting down on paper use.

2. Printing expenses are reduced. It also comprises printer maintenance.

3. When it comes to manual labour, you save money.

4. Efficient use of space eliminates the need to store and retrieve paper documents.

From our own experience, we've compiled these eight ways to help you get your firm on the path to being paperless.

1. Integrate your ERP/CRM system with TRUESigner.

As a digital signature software provider, we can connect TRUESigner with a wide range of ERP/CRM systems like SAP and Oracle EBS and Microsoft Navision, and Salesforce. If you'd like, you may sign right there in the system. A simple mouse click is all it takes to sign documents such as purchase orders and credit/debit notes. Invoices may be issued digitally as well.

2. Use TRUESigner for Document Management Process.

Businesses need to stop printing and storing paper documents entirely. Documents may be stored digitally on the cloud using several techniques. One example is Google Drive, another is Apple iCloud, and yet another is Microsoft Sharepoint. Just imagine how much easier it would be if we could digitize the signature and include it in these systems, streamlining the whole process.

3. Automate the Approval Process for Purchases.

Procurement processes that allow for speedier approvals should be in place if you purchase materials or IT that will help your firm grow. Getting everyone in a room and having them sign off on everything is a thing of the past. Put this procedure on the Internet. It only requires designing the approval process - who the approvers are, and in what sequence. It saves a lot of time and effort.

4. Use the Cloud to Store your Contracts

Your contracts are protected in the cloud, such as AWS or Azure, or Google GCP. In addition to electronic signatures in India, you may also use automatic e-stamps on your contracts to eliminate all paper from the transaction. This is a convenient method for vendors, users, and business partners to sign contracts since it allows everyone to sign online.

5. Streamline your HR Procedures

One imagines a desk piled high with paperwork when one thinks about HR. All HR processes can be made paperless with relative ease. With TRUESigner, whether your HR staff utilizes an HRMS system or creates papers manually, you can proceed to the last mile of digitalization.

6. Online Customer Boarding

Online businesses dream of having customers sign up right away before they leave their site, and this is what you want them to do. Let them sign the contract digitally online, and you're good to go. Your company's growth will be aided by a more efficient, quicker, and more targeted method of acquiring new customers.

7. Adaptability Among Finance Team

Encourage your team to use e-signature technology on their invoices so that you can comply with local e-invoicing regulations. Using digital signatures, tax records may be securely scanned and backed up.

8. Invoices in Digital Format

Encourage your vendors and business partners use digital signatures for the documents they submit to you. To eliminate paper handling and storage, TRUESigner's verification engine will allow you to validate the signatures online and keep them in your CRM system.

As a business, going paperless is an excellent approach to decrease your company's environmental adverse impact and boost transparency into your firm's everyday operations. Tools like document management software and digital signing solutions are readily accessible to build a paperless workplace. It's time to go paperless only through Truecopy - the best E-sign service provider in India! Get in touch with us today!