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What Makes Electronic Signatures Secure for Business Usage?

A digital signature on an invoice is a legally acceptable and time-efficient method for obtaining approvals on electronic documents. They render physical signature almost completely redundant. Digital signatures provide a level of privacy and may be independently validated. The percentage of people using electronic signatures is growing at an increasing pace throughout the globe, including in India......

27 June 22

Why Digital Signatures Can Also Be Exciting!

A question that I was once asked by my daughter, who was 14 years old at the time and had said, "Why is your business so boring? Why is there such a big deal about someone signing their name? Why don't you create a business that sells something fun, like clothes, cosmetics, cuisine, or travel?!".....

27 June 22

Secure Your Business With Electronic Signatures

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted businesses to the digital platform. As a result, most of the processses went online and minimized delays. Electronic signatures is a case in point. Not only does it bring convenience, it puts all concerns related to security to rest.....

27 May 22

8 Ways of Making Your Small Business Paperless

Paper documentation has been an essential aspect of corporate operations for decades. However, things are changing. More and more companies are contemplating going paperless to save money, and protect the environment.....

25 May 22

How Automated Bulk Signing Will Help You

Many firms print thousands of papers in a single day. Many prints need a single sign. Some documents need to be signed by multiple people. In such cases, the ability to sign in bulk is a boon for organizations....

20 May 22

How Will Digital Signature Change Document Authentication?

Digitisation makes life convenient, easy and fast. This has led to the creation of the delocalised world wherein clients have transformed into digital consumers who demand various services anytime, anywhere...

14 Dec 21