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Future-ready solution that truly helps you to go completely paperless. Sign all types of documents online. You have a choice of electronic signatures, Aadhaar signatures, and digital signatures in Hardware Security Module (HSM) / DSC tokens. Signatures are fully compliant with the IT Act 2000, UETA & ESIGN Act and eIDAS.


It Works

  • User logs in to TRUESigner ONE account.
  • Creates a signing workflow or uses a previously saved workflow.
  • Uploads the document. If it’s an agreement, the user can choose to e-stamp it before it is sent for signing.
  • All Signers receive a secure link in email to sign the document.
  • Signers can review and sign the document using the type of signature specified by the user.
  • Companies can also enable signing from within their ERP/CRM/HR systems by integrating the TRUESigner ONE APIs.


  • A single platform to sign every type of document.
  • Supports all types of legal signatures (Electronic signatures, PKI signatures, UID / Aadhaar based signatures, HSM and DSC tokens)
  • Create and save unlimited workflows involving multiple signatories for subsequent reuse.
  • Unlimited documents per user.
  • Seamless e-stamping on contracts.
  • Save time and effort by using editable templates.
  • Attach supporting documents to a workflow for reference.
  • Role-based signing to cover all your workflow requirements.
  • Admin dashboard to monitor real time status.
  • Save time using bulk upload and bulk signing features.
  • Easy API integration into your existing ERP/CRM systems.
  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure liveliness, security and traceability.
  • Highly scalable, high throughput. Supports high signature volumes.
  • Enterprise Signing
  • Workflow based signing
  • A dedicated signature appliance that supports REST based signing API.
  • API can be consumed from multiple applications including SAP/Oracle/Navision/Salesforce as well as any custom developed application in .NET/JAVA/PHP to invoke signing of documents.
  • The Signed document is returned to the calling system / ERP instantly in the API response.
  • Folder based interface for signing can be setup if API integration is not a suitable option.
  • Individual or Company’s PKI based signature certificates including HSM based certificates can be used for signing.
  • Comprehensive audit trail and logs as well as a repository of signed files is maintained on the signature server.
  • User management is performed via an admin portal.
  • Sample API calling code is shared with clients making the integration really straightforward and quick.
  • High Availability configuration supported.
Enterprise Signing
  • Users can sign up for an account which allows the user to initiate signing process.
  • Initiator can define workflows for repeated use.
  • Approvers can also be added to workflows.
  • Signers receive the link to sign the document in their email. On clicking, the signer can view the document and then sign after entering the valid OTP they receive on their cellphone. Signers do not need to have an account on the system.
  • Signers can also have their own accounts to log into and sign in bulk.
  • Signatories can either use cursive signatures or a scan of their signature and complete the signing.
  • System can be configured so that Signatories can use their UID / Aadhaar or DSC tokens for signing documents.
  • Once all signatures are affixed the signed document is sealed. The signed and sealed document is emailed to all the signers and a copy is available on the initiator portal as well.
Workflow Based Signing

Use Case

Signing documents like invoices, POs, challans, employment agreements, offer letters, and vendor contracts. Workflows-based approvals and signing of documents.