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TRUESignerR eSignature

This is a web-based digital signing solution that enables subscribers to initiate documents and create workflows for signing by multiple parties. The solution supports numerous signing options including Electronic Signatures, PKI signatures, USB tokens, as well as UID & Aadhaar based signatures.

Truesigner E-Signature Electronic Signing Service

It Works

  • Users can sign up for an account which allows the user to initiate signing process.
  • Initiator can either specify signatories for each file or define workflows for repeated use.
  • Signers receive the link to sign the document in their email. On clicking, the signer can view the document and then sign after entering the valid OTP they receive on their cellphone. Signers do not need to have an account on the system.
  • Signatories can either use cursive signatures or a scan of their signature and complete the signing.
  • System can be configured so that Signatories can use their UID / Aadhaar or DSC tokens for signing documents.
  • Once all signatures are affixed the signed document is sealed. The signed and sealed document is emailed to all the signers and a copy is available on the initiator portal as well.

Benefits Of Online Contract Signing Service

  • Simple to set up and easy to use Electronic Signing Solution.
  • Multiple types of signatures are supported, including electronic signatures, PKI signatures, UID / Aadhaar based signatures, DSC tokens
  • Workflows involving multiple signatories can be created and saved for subsequent reuse.
  • Signer portal for signing documents in bulk.
  • Supports Bulk uploading of documents by Initiators.
  • APIs are available to easily integrate into your existing ERP/CRM systems.

Use Case

When documents need to be signed by multiple people, TRUESigner eSignature is the ideal solution. Sample documents include contracts, agreements, employment letters, internal document approvals etc. Truecopy provides the best online pdf signer that allows your users to sign with DSC tokens and easily integrates into your current system.