Whether your need is bulk document signatures, or real-time multi-location digital signing, or receiving signed forms or getting a contract executed - Truecopy does it all for you!

Education - Verification and Transcripts

Universities Issue Marksheets, Transcripts, other student credentials.

university / college verification

Students apply online for their credentials such as Marksheets, Transcripts, etc. These requests are accessed by the relevant authority within the Educational institution, and approved / disapproved.

The requested document is generated (either from the form filled online by the student or obtained from the internal ERP system of the college.)

The document is made available to the student or designated receiver.

The student can choose to send documents directly from the Educational Institution to designated recipients such as Universities outside India (transcripts) or Employers. These digitally signed documents are sent directly from the issuing institution to the recipient, thereby guaranteeing their authenticity.


Issuing Digitally Signed GST Invoices, POs, Credit Notes

SAP, ERP, Invoices, PO

Companies generate large number of invoices and POs daily through their ERP systems / SAP etc, usually from multiple locations. These are printed, signed physically and sent to receivers. Now such companies can digitally sign the invoices / POs as a part of their workflow by incorporating the Digital Signature API.

Our products have multi-factor security to ensure that Digital Signatures cannot be misused. We support high throughputs (thousands of documents signed per hour), and many other useful features.

Integration with ERPs is straightforward.

Companies Use Web-based Signing / On-premise Solutions for Signing Financial & HR docs with eSigned ack

DSC Signing

IT / BPO / KPO companies, Manufacturing companies and others issue thousands of paper documents annually to their employees, vendors and partners. Examples include: Contracts, Bills, Offer letters, Appraisal letters, Relieving letters, Experience letters, etc.

Companies no longer need to issue paper documents after Govt. of India's Digital India policy announcement. Now, these documents can be issued in a digitally signed electronic format, and acknowledgement from the document receiver can also be obtained in a digitally signed format.

Truecopy integrates into the existing ERP /IT systems of companies either via web-services interface or a file-based interface and can sign documents either with DSC or Corporate Signatures.

Documents can be digitally signed and emailed to employees or vendors, thereby saving the expense on paper, printing and archiving. Employees / Vendors in turn can counter-sign digitally with Aadhaar eSign and these are returned back to the company.

The system allows setting up multiple signers with assigned permissions for different document types.

Document Signing for Financial Services

Financial companies have to deal with thousands of documents that need to be eSigned.

enach, emandate, esign, aadhaar

When dealing with eSigned documents and data (such as for forms, eMandates, etc), a HIGH level of security needs to be maintained with respect to end-user data. This data should ideally not leave your organization.

At the same time, organizations would like to leverage multiple eSign Service Providers (NSDL, CDAC, etc), and adapt to changing APIs and compliance requirements.

The on-premise eSign Gateway allows you to use a single API for your applications while selecting an ESign Provider in real time.

Digital Signature solutions for MSME

Signing Invoices, POs, agreements, etc.

DSC signature

Most invoices, POs are issued through MIS / Financial systems such as Tally or Salesforce or any other.

Truecopy solutions can integrate seamlessly with Tally and other Financial Software to make Digital Signatures a part of the standard workflow.

Documents can be signed seamlessly with existing DSC and mailed or archived as required.